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Here is a list of jobs that we are currently recruiting for in Marketing, PR and Digital, in and around Surrey. These can change on an almost daily basis so do check back regularly. We also advise you to keep an eye on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook for further updates. Happy job hunting!

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Social Media Account Director – Kingston

We’re currently looking for super smart Account Director.

You’ll be working with some of the biggest, and most recognised, B2B technology brands on the planet.

What are we looking for?

A curious, reliable, progressive and well-organised Account Director who possess a passion and hunger for all things Social Media. You’ll be a planner, a people person, able to spin multiple plates effortlessly and be a shining example of excellent client and people management. We’re looking for an agency experienced leader.

So do ya think that’s you? Fantastic. Now for our pitch:

• We’re a multi-award-winning agency – we regularly smash it out of the park; Best Use of Social Media Advertising (two-years on the spin) and Social Media Campaign / Strategy of the Year are our most recent – they also just happen to be some of the most prestigious within our industry
• We work with brilliant brands who possess amazing teams. Now, every agency probably says this, but how many agencies are able to tell you they’ve been backed by clients to go and try doing stuff, that no one else in industry has done before? We’re backed, brilliantly, by some of the best and bravest brands and client teams around
• The Media love us – particularly Broadcast. We’re BBC News and BBC World News regulars; when the Cambridge Analytica excrement hit the mass media fan, BBC News turned to us to help their network and it’s 200m global viewers understand what just happened, and what the fallout will be
• Our people are amazing. And no, I’m not just saying that.
• Our offices are the muts… but, then, as Google is one of our clients, it kinda has to be! That said, we’ve got a Gazeebo and a Gin Bar, and they haven’t, so to us, our office is better!
• Location: no, we’re not in manic central London; and our team (sadly) don’t all have beards long enough to warrant being based in Shoreditch. Instead, we’re based in Kingston Upon Thames. Granted, it means we have to put up with riverside drinking and having to choose from about 50 different lunchtime cuisine options in the food market that’s only 100-yards away. Do spare a thought for us. The struggle is real!

• We’ve a truly collaborative environment; it’s not a wall-displayed value (who does that?!?), it’s part of our DNA and lived by our teams daily. We don’t have to enforce this value; our teams possess it, live it and own it daily. And you should too!
• Oh, and I should probably mention, we’re Facebook Partners. It basically means we get to do some incredibly cool stuff, have access to information before it hits the public domain and we’ve a wonderful support structure from industries biggest channel
• We have fun. Lots of it. If this isn’t for you, then au revoir. Thanks for reading

OK, so you’re still reading. This is wonderful news.
What do we need from you? Well, you’ll need to evidence that you possess:
• Agency experience. You’re comfortable working in a fast-paced environment that needs you to seamlessly spin differing plates and managing multiple stakeholders
• The ability to communicate with peers and clients of all levels; Our CEO and MD are hands-on (particularly when there is a crazy insane project or brainstorm afoot) and our clients regularly include board members. Remember what we said, we get to do some really cool stuff that others in industry haven’t. That makes client’s board members curious about impact and outcome. They want to celebrate in the joint success
• You’re a planner and documenter at heart. Show me anyone thriving in Account Services who isn’t organised and able to marshal those around them?!
• A passion for Social Media; you’ll have various profiles (we will check!). How can you manage clients and campaigns if you’re not a channel user yourself?!..
• You’re an ‘ideas’ person. We LOVE creativity! You don’t need to be a Creative Director, but you need to have ideas – and lots of them. Ideas leads to triggering the teams to collaboratively come up with stunningly creative initiatives
• You’re a confident person, and a go-getter
• You’re hungry for progression; we’ve a meritocratic environment and love developing from within.

Location: Kingston Upon Thames

Job Type: Full time, Permanent

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