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Here is a list of jobs that we are currently recruiting for in Marketing, PR and Digital, in and around Surrey. These can change on an almost daily basis so do check back regularly. We also advise you to keep an eye on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook for further updates. Happy job hunting!

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Search and Content Marketing Specialist – Leatherhead, Surrey

Search and Content Marketing Specialist

Duties –

Search Marketing and SEO

  • Increase lead and enquiry generation in line with business objectives by ensuring effective search ranking and delivery of qualified search traffic to the company websites.

Content Marketing

  • Increase lead and enquiry generation and develop company’s expertise profile in line with business objectives through creation and broadcast of high quality, engaging content for our target audience.

Web Platform Performance

  • Increase lead and enquiry generation by ensuring websites are set up and structured to meet the needs of target audience (navigation, accessibility, content structure, functionality)

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Search Marketing

Lead Search Marketing strategy, provide knowledge and support to the business on SEO best practice

    1. identify areas and actions for improvement
    2. plan short term tactics
    3. define mid/long term strategy

Define and execute Search marketing campaigns which support the objectives and targets of the business groups

    1. On and off site search optimisation
    2. Keyword research
    3. Competitor analysis
    4. Planning structure / writing / creation of service page content (in collaboration with SMEs and marketing teams EU ad NA)
    5. Define and execute effective link acquisition campaigns
    6. Development, management and optimisation of all paid search activity

Analyse, define metrics and report on and improve the Search performance of Web portfolio.

    1. Analyse campaign and website performance > translate into actionable business insight
    2. Analyse user behaviour > turn this into actionable, revenue generating optimisation proposals
    3. Regular KPI reporting > develop a suite of reports and metrics to show progress, success and areas for improvement
    4. Support internal stakeholders by providing advice and insight on SEO and coaching the wider business on best SEO practices

Content Marketing

  1. Content strategy and performance:
    1. Define Content Marketing strategy to support search objectives, maximise engagement and lead generation in line with business objectives.
    2. Provide strategic input on the best content types and formats to focus on to drive continual improvements in content performance
    3. Provide knowledge to the business on best practice.
  2. Ensure continuous understanding of SMRP target audiences, their needs, key industry themes and hot topics. Use this to define, execute and measure impact of programme of content creation that will engage audience and generate leads / engagement in support of business objectives.
  3. Content planning: Responsible for setting:
    1. Long term content marketing goals and objectives with metrics
    2. Annual tactical content plan (in collaboration with EU marketing Specialist, SMEs, NA Marketing Team, SMI teams) with outcome metrics
  4. Content delivery: Responsible for delivering:
    1. Annual programme of content per plan (directly written, create or commissioned) employing a range of formats (feature articles, news items, presentations, infographics, audio, video)
    2. Publish / broadcast across appropriate channels including: web, social media
  1. Content performance reporting:
    1. Define metrics, analyse, provide regular reporting on performance of content using lead and engagement metrics.
  2. Act as team expert on Social Media. Directly run social media accounts, schedule and execute campaigns. Leverage Social Media for search and content

Web Platform Performance

  1. Using analysis of search and engagement, make suggestions for website / platform enhancements to improve user experience and website conversion objectives.
  2. Lead for web project expertise and project management
    1. Provide guidance and support form an SEO perspective on web platform enhancements
    2. Project lead and manager for small web projects, EU and NA technical expert and stakeholder on larger projects.
    3. Marketing power user for Kentico platform

Location: Leatherhead, Surrey

Job Type: Full time, Permanent

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