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Craig, Sarah & Nadine.

How to prepare for a 2nd interview

by Sarah & Craig

Well you’ve done a great job at the first interview and been invited back for the second stage!  Hooray!!

…..Now what?!

How do you make sure you beat the other applicants and secure that job….?

The simple answer is – be better than everyone else.

Research a little more, work a little harder on your presentation, ask better questions and go that extra step further than all of your competitors. Before you start to prepare for your 2nd interview, it is always wise to flip the situation.  Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer.

  • What are they looking for?
  • What are the key points they need for the role?
  • What experience do they want to see?
  • How do they see the role developing?
  • Show your workings…

You can never do too much research or have too many ideas and questions. Sometimes it’s just one extra special little thing that you did that pushes you above the rest and secures the job.  This is very important when there’s not much to choose between candidates. Really try and get under the skin of how the company works. Look at some of their campaigns / projects / products.

  • What makes them stand out?
  • How can you bring that in to your presentation?
  • What is their ethos and have you captured it?

Maybe even print some campaigns / work off and bring them along as research.

Top tip – An ‘accidentally’ opened folder with lots of research in is a good visual clue to how much you want the role!

Your interviewers will be asking themselves these questions…

  • Can they see themselves working with you and enjoying it?
  • Can you bring something new and fresh to the business?
  • Do you fulfil their company ethos?
  • Will you be staying put for a while?
  • Can you add value to the company?
  • Can you bring in new business and raise revenue?
  • Will their clients like you and find you easy to work with?

If you bear these in mind when you’re talking, it will help crystallise what you offer. Think of yourself as a package or commodity and bring out your USPs.

Why are you the best candidate?

And…. always make them laugh & make it memorable!

Good luck…!!


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